Guide to find your ring size

There are several different methods to measure her ring size. We recommend the following three ways.
Try any of the methods and comparing the results to avoid errors.

1. Measure the inner circumference of your ring with a tape measure. If the perimeter is 54mm corresponds to a size 54th

2. Take a piece of thread and tie it loosely around the finger you want to survey. Then you measure the length of the string
corresponding to your size. If the string for example is 54 mm long, this would correspond to a size 54th

3. Go to a jeweler and have surveyed your size.

Measuring ringstørrelser-
When measurer your ring size you should be aware if your fingers are hot / cold and ring width.

Heat / cold your fingers
It is important that you assign it a ring size when your fingers are not swollen or cold.
For example if you assign it a ring size when you have cold fingers, you risk that the ring is too small and vice versa.

Ring width
The width of the finger gauge and width of the ring must match. If you use a finger meter
which is 3 mm wide ring is 5mm wide, you typically use a half to a whole number greater than if
the ring had been 3mm wide.